Silvio Fanti, Italian, was born in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), the 22 September 1919 and died in Paris the 26 June 1997.
He completed his high school studies both in French (in Fribourg) and in German (in Einsiedeln). He earned his bachelor’s degree in medicine from the University of Zurich. He later presented his dissertation in Psychiatry at the University of Vienna (Austria): "Response during electroshock" and obtained a PhD in gynecology and obstetrics at the University of Geneva with a thesis on conducted birth.

He trained as a Freudian psychoanalyst with Dantzer, in New York (where he spent several years after the war), then with Gressot, member of the SSP, in Geneva.

Starting from the fifties, he gradually developed a new method that he would later name "micropsychoanalysis".

Being able to carry out analysis in French, Italian, English and German, he was professionally requested in the five continents.

During his long stays in India, China, Japan, Australia, America . . . He was constantly observing people in their daily lives, whatever their culture, to try to better understand human nature. His observations and reflections (collected in the book Après avoir...) constitute the basis for micropsychoanalytic thought.

After years of work worldwide, he settled permanently in Couvet (Switzerland), where, together with his colleagues, he created the International Micropsychoanalytical Society (SIM, Société Internationale de Micropsychanalyse) in 1973.