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Personal documents studied by the analysand

The analysand studies his or her genealogical tree, photographs of himself or herself, together with photos of his or her family, the places where he or she has lived since birth, drawn from memory, his or her correspondence, in particular love letters or those from family, as well as various other writings, such as personal diaries, school notebooks . . . Listening to some sessions previously audio-recorded during the work, must be added to these four technical supports at the end of the analysis.

At the beginning of some sessions, using an appropriate technique, the analysand examines and describes in detail a variety of documents related to his or her history and closely affecting his or her intimacy. Then, during the two following hours, the analysand freely continues the associative verbalization on the couch, further developing what he or she perceived.

Such exercise, at first descriptive and then associative, leads to acknowledgement of items that have determined his or her physical and psycho-mental development: who and how he or she has been since birth, who and how his or her mother has been, the relationship with her, and similarly with father, brothers and sisters, grandparents and ancestors, how he or she grew up and in what places . . .

The technical supports allow recovering the concrete reality of corporal experiences of both satisfaction and frustration, as they were lived and recorded. A memory of which we have no recollection, yet which is constitutive of our psychic unconscious. A memory that is source of our desires, defences, phantasms, and which determines the fortunate and unfortunate repetitions we make throughout life, without knowing it.

Through long sessions and technical supports, the analysand consistently inscribes his or her life in a continuum that goes from his uterine-infantile experiences, up to his current life.

Technical supports

Technical supports in psychoanalysis

A feature used
at the right time

Technical supports expand and stimulate the analytical work, associatively integrating with it.

They are not separable from the long sessions.

Each technical support is introduced at a specific time during the work, determined by:
• type of document reviewed;
• immediate associative context;
• global dynamics of work.